Thursday, March 5, 2009

Watch Out: Be2 Scam (

Scam Tricks: 

1. Automatically and periodically deduct money (3 or 6 months fee) from your credit card without notifying you after you subscribe it premium service.
2. Intentionally hide the membership auto-extension in T&Cs. 

3. No way to cancel the premium membership by following the websites instruction.


Never provide your private info, especially your credit card details.


I got to know Be2 matching making through MSN messenger.

I applied its free trail membership at first. It looked clean in the beginning, it provided a set of questions to evaluate your characters and gave score. When I finished register, it would provide a list of people that matches me. Here was the end of the free trail, each click after that would sooner or later prompt the message to subscribe their premium membership.

For instance, when I click people's photos, it was masked, and you could never really see how is the person looks like,  unless,  I subscribe the premium membership. 

In the next few days, I received quite a few emails from be2 saying someone released their photos to me or sent email to me etc.. Of course, I would not be able to view these photos or read emails unless I pay the money.

I was curious after a few days, and I applied the membership for 6 months. 

But, what I found out was, I could see the photos and read emails, but those who released their photos to me or sent emails to me were just happened to click my profile. If they did so, Be2 would send out a fraud email to me. And all the Be2 emails I received were others thanks me for releasing my photos to them! I did not release my photos to anyone at all! So I realized that if I uploaded a photo in Be2 and happened to click other's profile, Be2 would also notify that one I released my photo to her! You see the fraud? This fraud would make you think someone is interested in you. I got to know this by replying email to a few members, but they told me that they didn't release photos or sent any emails. So each click I or others did, would help Be2 to cheat someone else who registered.

Later on, Be2 changed its policy, if the other people didn't apply the premium service, these people's photo will always be masked until they pay the money.

I still kept receive Be2 emails telling me who's a good match of me, but what I found out was more than 50% of these people didn't exist in Be2 if I clicked the link in the email sent by Be2.

When I felt tired of its tricks, and by chance I noticed in my profile settings that the premium membership would be automatically extended and deduct money from my credit card, I decided to cancel my membership. But found out the link provided in its website didn't work. I sent email to Be2 to cancel, what I received were always auto-replies telling me to cancel in its website or by fax, however, the fax number was not provided.

Since I cannot cancel the membership, I have to cancel my credit card.

When my 6 months membership ended, Be2 sent me email as below:

Dear .........

The automatic renewal of your Premium Membership has failed due to a problem with your credit card/bank account. We have asked you to update your payment details in order to settle your account. Unfortunately, we are still unable to take any money from your credit card/bank account.

As there is a valid contract between you and be2, we will now take legal measures and hand this over to our collection agency. This may affect your credit rating.

For any questions you may have or any difficulties with paying this invoice, please contact us by writing to our customer service.

As it came with the meaning of threatening, I reported this to the local police as scam.
I will keep update the story to see if Be2 comes with any new tricks.
Meanwhile I googled by "Be2 Scam", and found out there were quite a number of people shared the same experience as mine.
If anyone means how to deal with such scam website, please do let me know.
For these who shared the same experience, please provide your story.
Below I listed some other people's stories.